Why You Need Bullet-Proof (Resistant) Doors

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August 2, 2021

Louis Valentino

Why You Need Bullet-Proof (Resistant) Doors

As the rate of kidnapping, armed robbery and gun violence rise in Nigeria affecting schools, malls, homes, offices and entertainment venues. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of these crimes and now even our leaders are under fire. The outcome of this is that more business owners and event venue operators  are thinking about the “active shooter” scenario.

Sober Thinking & Planning For Security

Each business & event space should take some sober time to really apply some thinking and planning to this unfortunate scenario. One strong recommendation from authorities about these shooter  situations is for you to hide, secure the room and wait for police response. If that’s the case then you should consider quality quality doors  that will actually shield you from the bullet sprays.

Bullet resistance

Bullet-resistant  doors can be an essential element for commercial and residential security plans when gun violence may be an issue.

Bullet-Proof Wood Doors

There are special wooden commercial doors that are bullet-proof. These wood doors are of high aesthetic quality that matches any decorative designs while meeting your security needs. These doors are made of wood and steel. The interior of the doors is created from highly resistant wood materials that can reduce the impact of bullets. Complementing these bullet resistant characteristics of the wood is a steel frame and hinge. The casing and steel construction are made to meet the luxurious appearance and ballistic resistance of the door. Get the best bullet resistant doors at our showrooms today.

Written by Louis Valentino


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