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November 25, 2020

Louis Valentino

Whether it’s a gleaming glossy sheen or sophisticated matte finish, a tiled floor perfectly combines style with function. Durable and stain-resistant, floor tiles are a practical choice for any busy domestic home – and the elegance of a tiled floor means that it will always be an impressive flooring choice in any interior design project.

Cost-effective and low-maintenance, floor tiles are designed to last – but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t show your tiled floor some love and care. From cleaning hacks to preventing scratches, today, we’re bringing you 5 of our top tips for taking care of your floor tiles.

1. Remove excess dirt regularly

From food stains to more serious scratches, the nature of domestic life can quickly tarnish a pristine tiled floor. While the easy-to-clean nature of floor tiles will mean that your flooring will  require less effort when it comes to general maintenance, regular upkeep is essential as direct contact with loose dirt and debris will, over time, wear away the finish of the flooring. From frequently sweeping and mopping to laying mats and rugs at each doorway, removing excess dirt to prevent damage will leave your floors gleaming for a significantly longer period of time.

2. Don’t be afraid to deep clean flooring

While regular maintenance may leave a floor looking clean and blemish free, showing some TLC to the tougher spots is essential in order to preserve the overall finish. The dirt dissolving solution you use when deep cleaning will depend on the type of floor tile, so always check that the cleaning products are suitable for your kitchen or bathroom floor tiles. Using pH neutral soap on natural stone tiles, for instance, means you can avoid dulling the finish – whereas saturating porcelain white floor tiles with a vinegar and water solution will quickly remove any unsightly water stains.

3. Get to grips with grout

The stain-resistant surface that comes with kitchen and bathroom flooring means it’s often the grout which detracts from the overall effect of a gleaming floor. From food stains to ground-in dirt, working in a paste of baking soda and water into the grout lines will leave your tiles looking defined with a crisp and clean border. Avoid scrubbing powers and steel wool where possible, as these highly abrasive materials can permanently scratch the tile surface, and instead consider naturally brightening up grout lines with a soft bristle brush or white pencil eraser.

4. Ask guests to remove any shoes

Regularly cleaning the grout and tile face will reduce the buildup of stains, but taking precautionary measures will make it even easier to prevent scratches. Asking guests to remove their outdoor shoes as they enter your home means you can keep any dirt and debris well away from your kitchen floor tiles – solving the issue of any potential scuffs or scratches from shoes.

5. Repair or replace damaged floor tiles

Noticeable scratches can accumulate dirt and distract the eye from a predominantly pristine floor, making scratch repairs essential for bathroom and kitchen flooring. While a crack which extends to the white of the tile will most likely need to be replaced, minor scuffs and scratches can be buffed out. Scratch repair kits, toothpaste or brass polish will fill and repair hairline cracks and chips on porcelain and ceramic tiles, whereas acetone and epoxy will help restore a marble floor.

A tiled floor is not only practical in busy domestic spaces, but the overall effect can transform an interior. The durable nature of floor tiles makes them a cost-effective choice in the long-term, and showing your floor tiles some tender loving care means you can enjoy the gleam for even longer.

So now you’re an expert in taking care of your new floor, it’s time to choose which style will suit your interior design. Order your high quality floor tiles directly from Louis Valentino, and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

Written by Louis Valentino


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