How to clean a sofa naturally

Whether you’re having a cup of tea with a friend, having a movie night with the family or just relaxing with family and friends, Quality sofas like that of louis Valentino’s provide the best resting spot.

However, no matter how careful you might be, stains and spillages are bound to build up with everyday use or discoloration and bed smell at worst case scenario

Hold on though, don’t fill your shopping trolley with expensive sofa cleaning products just yet. Give your self a new ease of life and save some of your money, cause all it takes is a few natural ingredients – many of which I can bet you already have in your kitchen cabinet

Below are the best natural ways to clean a sofa.

Louis Valentino’s COMFY SOFA

First, brush it up!

To be certain you’re giving your sofa enough deep clean, the first thing you should do is remove any crumbs or dirt from both the surface and in-between the sofa cushions.

To do this, get a clean, dry cloth. With the cloth in hand, brush the sofa’s surfaces, ensuring you reach into all the sofa’s corners. For difficult areas, you may need to use a stiff brush.

TIPS: If your sofa is a bit colored, you’ll have to use a white cloth. Else, the dye from the cleaning cloth could soak into the fabric of your sofa and cause discoloration.

Removing bad smells

Some sofa’s with fibers have a tendency to cling to smells from pets, farts and spillages Over time, this can develop into an unpleasant and offensive odors, which isn’t ideal when hosting and entertaining visitors.

Below is how to remove smells from sofa made with fabrics:

What you need:

  • Baking soda
  • Dry carpet cleaner

How to clean and remove the smell:

Firstly, remove any dirt or crumbs from your sofa’s surface.

Next, sprinkle the entire sofa with baking soda and leave to sit for a minimum of 20 minutes. Once the time is up, vacuum the sofa using a brush attachment. To remove stubborn stains, mix the baking soda with dry carpet cleaner and leave that to sit for another 20 minutes. If that isn’t enough, I advice you take a handheld steam cleaner to remove lingering odor from your sofa.

Sofas made of fabrics aren’t the best at repelling spillages or deep stains. Anyone who has poured a glass of say red wine onto their favorite sofa knows how painful it can be, Thankfully, there are ways to clear up stubborn stains without the need for chemical products. Below, is how you can remove stain with natural ingredients from your sofa.

How to remove stains from fabric:

What you need:

  • Washing liquid
  • White vinegar
  • Backing soda
  • Warm water

TIPS: Baking soda and white vinegar is an ace cleaning combination for any tough stain. This is because the baking soda reacts with the vinegar to create an acidic formula which gently cuts through grease and hard dirt.

Steps to remove it.

Take a teaspoon of washing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda and warm water and mix together into a lather. Next, apply directly to any stains that you can spot on your sofa. Leave to dry out for at least 10 minutes. When it’s dry, clean the surface with a clean cloth to lift away any remnants, you should be left with a beautiful stain-free sofa.

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Wallpapers! The New Rave in Town…

You have probably noticed the new trend of recent homes and offices with walls that make open space stand out even with the barest of ornaments and sparse electronics. What do they all have in common? WALLPAPERS.

There are several benefits to using wallpaper over simply painting a wall in your home or office. Perhaps, the most obvious benefit of using wallpaper is the huge variety of decorating options you have. With wallpaper, you can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors, and designs. Some wallpapers can be painted, allowing you to put some texture in the room while still adding your favorite paint color. You can even vary the way the wallpaper is placed in the room. Some rooms look great with a wallpaper border in the room, while others look best with a full wallpapering. As a homeowner, the wallpaper becomes an extension of your personality.



For rooms where the walls are prone to get dirty, wallpaper is a great option as most of today’s wallpapers are coated so that they wipe clean from common household marks! Also besides being easy to clean, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and smudges. This makes your wall covering more durable than some paints, which fade over repeated scrubbings.

Finally, wallpaper can hide blemishes in the wall’s plaster far better than a coat of paint. There are many benefits to wallpaper. The key is to get the right wallpaper for the job!

The Classic B Sofa

The Classic Sofa

It is a well-known thing that the sofa is the protagonist of each living room in classic style. The choice of the stuffing has a particular importance. Among different variants of furniture for a living room in classic style, the sofa Classic B is no doubt one of the most elegant.

Just look at the back of the particular shape of wave, the great arms seem curved towards the inside. The centre set, very particular so elegant and refined, adapts without any difficulties to each environment.

Moreover, the sofa is carved and gilt wood is used, it is rich in carvings with black and gold finish. The gold is one of the recurrent elements of this living room in classic style:

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