7 Easy steps, In Setting up Home Automation

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Setting up your home automation system is Quite easy and less complicated than it may seem. You can either set up your smart home strategically by yourself by following these seven (7) easy steps or you can hire a home automation company like Louis Valentino. Be rest assured you will be getting the best of services with special offer.

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Choose a smart home Ecosystem: First pick a “Smart Home Ecosystem” you wish to belong to “do your research”. When I say smart home Ecosystem, i mean either Google smart home or Amazon smart home, this will decide which voice assistant you will be using, which will determine which internet of things (IoT) will work with your smart system. For Google, you get Google Assistant, for Amazon you Get Alexa. Of course you can use smart products that work with both Google Assistant or Alexa, but it may give you a bit of confusion in remembering which voice assistant works with IoT devices, so i recommend you stick to one or the other. Get a Compatible Smart speaker or maybe a Smart Display Device to get you going on you home automation journey.

Step 2

Pick a Control Protocol: Pick or decide which Protocols you think fits the best communication with your choice of devices, either WIFI, Z-WAVES or others, so I’m guessing you are just starting out, WIFI dose the magic always, reasons been that most IoT devices works well with WIFI.

Step 3

Choice/Types of products: On this, do a Quick survey Round and in your Apartment and decide which types of products you’ll be needing, be it light bulbs, locks, coffee makers,security cameras and the like of others.
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Step 4

Choice of Brands: Quickly do some research as to the best smart home companies; some popular brands like Ring, Nest, SimpliSafe, Alder Security, and more.

Step 5

Picking Devices: Now it’s time to actually pick and buy your internet of things devices. I recommend buying in bulk, as many companies offer discounts for larger packages. Louis Valentino can help you with the best advice on maximizing budget.

Step 6

Installation: It’s time to actually install the Internet of Things devices where and how you want them. Most IoT devices have Do it yourself (DIY) installation, meaning you can do it yourself. However, some companies like and ADT require professional installation for their smart security systems, Which Louis Valentino is the best in, so be sure to factor in installation cost, we also have special offers for new clients.

Step 7

Customize settings: Time to Enjoy! So you’ve researched, purchased and installed your Internet of things devices in your Apartment or home. Now, the fun can really start, as you can customize the devices to your liking and taste whether that means setting them on schedules, dimming lights, or having devices trigger one another. The fun goes on!

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