After a hectic day at work, it is in your bathroom you will have to relax and relieve stress. Your bathroom needs to be as comfortable as possible, and for a comfortable and functional bathroom, you need to put some thought into the sanitary wares you buy. Purchasing the proper sanitary wares for your home ensures your bathroom looks great and is functional as well.

Here are 4 things to consider when selecting sanitary wares for your house.

1.    Comfort

Great ideas are born in the bathroom, even Elon Musk agrees. But those world changing ideas of yours may not surface if your sanitary wares are not comfortable enough to use.

The number one consideration when buying sanitary wares is how comfortable it will be to use. Endeavor to purchase the best sanitary wares that will guarantee the comfort of the user even if you think it’s expensive.

2. Colour

When buying sanitary wares for your home you have to consider the colour of your bathroom walls and floor. That will guide you on what colour your sanitary wares should be. The right combination of colours will make the bathroom look absolutely exquisite, while the wrong colour combination can make your bathroom look like an afterthought.

At Louis Valentino, we help you pick the best colour for your particular bathroom.

3. Size

A very important factor to consider while buying sanitary wares is the size of your bathroom and the space each sanitary ware is expected to take up in the bathroom.

Buying sanitary wares that are too large or too small can make your bathroom uncomfortable to use. Your bathroom will also look unplanned.

4. Design

Your house deserves the best designs when it comes to sanitary wares, using old designs for a modern home will only make the bathroom look like a throwback scene in a movie.

Ensure you choose sanitary wares with modern designs that will look great in your contemporary home.

The meaning of luxury: Why you should invest in luxurious property?

The meaning of luxury: Why you should invest in luxurious property


For a long time, luxury has been seen as hedonism and was reserved only for the extremely wealthy. However, nowadays, things are a bit different as our definition of luxury has changed.

Since most of us lead fast-paced lifestyles with little time for ourselves, we have become more demanding as well.

We want things that are useful and efficient, things that make our lives easier and save us both time and money. So, the real luxury of today is having a home that is built to cater to all our needs and provides us with privacy, comfort and well-being.

That’s why investing in a luxurious property is a great financial move that will pay off sooner or later.

If you’re unsure about the things to keep an eye on when house-shopping, then get in here, lets tell you what exactly luxury means:



The location of your luxurious property is super important, maybe even the most important factor on the list.

Even the most luxurious homes with a huge square footage and designed with all the latest trends won’t reach its true market value if built in the wrong location. Some of the factors that define the good location of a property are air quality of the area, pleasant climate, no risk of floods or other natural disasters and a low crime rate.

Additionally, it’s important that the surrounding towns are well developed and that you have all the facilities that you need nearby; think schools, daycares, hospitals, fire and police departments, public transport, shopping malls, recreational centers, parks, playgrounds and entertainment.

On top of that, if the property has a beautiful view of the mountains or the sea and has a water access, you can be sure your location is top shelf!



In this day of hectic schedules, stress and turmoil, it’s important to have a place that will make you feel safe and relaxed—your luxe home.

So, today, luxury is closely connected to comfort, and the things that make our lives more comfortable are perceived as luxurious.

For instance, huge king beds that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud will be in high demand in 2018. The presence of different rooms that allow for relaxation like a home spa, or steam shower, sauna, jacuzzi and a massage bathtub also boost the comfort and value of your property.

Outdoor hot tubs are huge with people who love to relax and unwind after a hard day at the office. or at work generally.


Items that are unique, handmade by artisans using only the best materials have always been very expensive, no matter whether they are pocket watches, leather shoes, tailored suits or custom houses. And, usually, those items are of better quality than their cheaper counterparts.

That is what luxury is about—having an item that is sturdy, made of quality materials, and carefully designed to be effective and stylish at the same time and at Louis Valentino, that is exactly what we offer.

Luxury is custom design, luxury is longevity, and luxury is quality! For instance, just take a look at the work of luxury home builders in Sydney who use only the best materials from the best suppliers to create completely customized homes.


Take a look at the steam shower above. its a very practical luxurious. A luxurious home needs to be highly practical. Today, having a property that is easy to use, clean and maintain is a must. At Louis Valentino, we also give you tips in maintaining luxurious items.

People are busy and don’t want to spend their free time tending to their home. Instead, they want a house that is automated and can be monitored and managed with just a click of a button.

For instance, smart thermostats can regulate your cooling and heating, make your home comfortable during all weather conditions and reduce your energy consumption all by themselves! Our security door smart locks allow you to see the face of a person that rings your doorbell, check if your kids came home from school and let your guests in even if you’re still on your way home! Practical, isn’t it?


Many people today, especially Millennials, are increasingly concerned about the state of our planet, so they are turning to green solutions that are environmentally friendly.

However, things that are made of natural materials, waste minimal resources and are durable are often quite expensive. Luckily, people are ready to pay more for eco-friendly products to ensure the environment doesn’t suffer.

This makes their homes healthier and more durable and provides them with the satisfaction that they are doing something good for nature. Personal gratification is a huge luxury today!

Investing in a luxury property means investing in practicality, comfort, quality, health and well-being. So, do something good for you, your family, your budget and the Mother Earth by going luxe!

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The Beauty of Steam Showers

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Picture this: After a long day of work and stress, you return home, your nerves are on edge and your body demands relaxation. You step into the shower and let the water and steam do its magic. If you prefer, you add a glass of wine, some good music and get into proper meditation and relaxation mode. You feel your body regaining its strength and all your stress washing away.  That is the magic of steam showers.

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Homeowners, these days, are choosing to recreate this type of indulgence in their homes without visiting a spa. They are ditching regular bathroom fixtures and choosing bathroom fixtures that have additional benefits. After all, it is not enough to have your bath; it should be an added experience.

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The features of these steam showers would leave anyone daydreaming.

First, there is the elegant look of it. It is royal, it is regal, it is beautiful, and it speaks of class and everything modern. Trust me, you’d enjoy having this piece of eye candy in your bathroom.

Also, steam showers are known to incorporate features of the regular steam room and bathroom shower. There are handheld showers just like the regular bathroom fixture and in some units, there are also ceiling shower, in case you want to make it rain. If you are feeling adventurous, there is also a whirlpool bath to take you over the edge.

There is also a fan in the room, so you don’t choke. It would be hot and relaxing inside the steam shower, but there would still be a circulation of oxygen to keep you alive and refreshed.

Then there is the major component, the steam generator itself. There is no steam shower without a steam generator. This machine enables the steam showers to produce steam.

Another major component included is the control panel. It contains the controls to all the features in the steam shower. It is convenient and easy to operate. Everything you need is literally one button away. Bliss!

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Amongst the numerous benefits, steam showers are known to improve the immune and cardiovascular systems, alleviate common cold symptoms, and are used for weight loss and detoxification programs. It is great for stress relief, pain reduction, loosening and tightening of muscles.

The price of steam shower in Nigeria varies from 620,000 Naira to 2,000,000 Naira, depending on the features, style and functions.

You can view check out different varieties of steam shower here.

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