Shopping for LV bedroom furniture is fun, but it can also be a little stressful! You’re facing important shopping decisions that will affect your quality of life each day. Consider these simple tips to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need from your bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Size
Before setting out to purchase bedroom furniture, take exact measurements of the room you’re looking to furnish. Your custom LV furniture providers will be able to advice on pieces that flow nicely in the space provided without crowding the room. Here are a few helpful measurements to have on hand before shopping:

Area (Length x Width)
Perimeter (Length + Width)
Measuring will go faster with the help of a friend or family member. One of you can measure and the other can record the results. If you’re working with an interior designer, they’ll likely advise which measurements are needed and take them for you.


While looking for bedroom furniture or bedding, you should first consider who will be using this space. Beds, headboards, and bedding can each complement different styles to reflect the atmosphere you’d like to create in the room. Are you furnishing a beachy guest room or a bright baby nursery? Consider furniture shape and fabric options carefully so that the room exudes the energy you wish to foster for the people who will reside among these pieces each day.

Your LV bed is one of the few pieces of furniture in your home that you’re absolutely guaranteed to use every day. You know what that means! Quality is more important than ever in this design and purchase decision. Look for handcrafted furniture with a reputation for longevity and durability.

How do you use your LV bedroom? Do you keep a glass of water on your nightstand? Do you watch TV each night as you drift off to sleep? Could you use an area for important accessories like watches and rings? Your furniture, whether it is a nightstand, a headboard, or an ottoman, should fit with your lifestyle and the pre-sleep routines you’ve developed over the years. One evening, record your nighttime routine to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to deciding which pieces of bedroom furniture you need.

While purchasing new LV bedroom furniture and planning out your space, it’s usually best to start out with bed placement. Which wall is most ideal for this large piece of furniture? Deciding this first will allow you to plan for accent or functional pieces around it. Some couples and individuals prefer their bed to be a specific distance from wall shelving or a window for a fresh breeze. Move things around and test out of a few different placements of your bed. A fresh perspective could just be the kick start you need to feel rejuvenated if you’re looking for a small change of pace.


Accent Pieces
If you could change your bedroom in one way, what would it be? Do you want more space? Mirrors and frames can achieve this effect quite well. Do you want more areas to comfortably relax without having to sit in bed? A love seat could accent your bedroom in the perfect way. Shopping for LV bedroom furniture isn’t just about the bed; it’s about achieving your goals for this important space. Write down your goals and how you would revamp your room with no limits. You may be surprised that furniture can get you very close to your ideal vision.

Have fun with the custom furniture creation process! At Louis Valentino, we remind that you deserve a beautiful, relaxing environment to house your dreams.


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