The Beauty of Steam Showers

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Picture this: After a long day of work and stress, you return home, your nerves are on edge and your body demands relaxation. You step into the shower and let the water and steam do its magic. If you prefer, you add a glass of wine, some good music and get into proper meditation and relaxation mode. You feel your body regaining its strength and all your stress washing away.  That is the magic of steam showers.

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Homeowners, these days, are choosing to recreate this type of indulgence in their homes without visiting a spa. They are ditching regular bathroom fixtures and choosing bathroom fixtures that have additional benefits. After all, it is not enough to have your bath; it should be an added experience.

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The features of these steam showers would leave anyone daydreaming.

First, there is the elegant look of it. It is royal, it is regal, it is beautiful, and it speaks of class and everything modern. Trust me, you’d enjoy having this piece of eye candy in your bathroom.

Also, steam showers are known to incorporate features of the regular steam room and bathroom shower. There are handheld showers just like the regular bathroom fixture and in some units, there are also ceiling shower, in case you want to make it rain. If you are feeling adventurous, there is also a whirlpool bath to take you over the edge.

There is also a fan in the room, so you don’t choke. It would be hot and relaxing inside the steam shower, but there would still be a circulation of oxygen to keep you alive and refreshed.

Then there is the major component, the steam generator itself. There is no steam shower without a steam generator. This machine enables the steam showers to produce steam.

Another major component included is the control panel. It contains the controls to all the features in the steam shower. It is convenient and easy to operate. Everything you need is literally one button away. Bliss!

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Amongst the numerous benefits, steam showers are known to improve the immune and cardiovascular systems, alleviate common cold symptoms, and are used for weight loss and detoxification programs. It is great for stress relief, pain reduction, loosening and tightening of muscles.

The price of steam shower in Nigeria varies from 620,000 Naira to 2,000,000 Naira, depending on the features, style and functions.

You can view check out different varieties of steam shower here.

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