Finishing Your Kitchen Design

Sequel to our last article on transforming your kitchen into a more beautiful and functional space here are a few tips thats go a long way in solidifying your design concept.


  1. Fill it up. Tired of lugging water-filled pots from the sink to the cooktop? A swing-out tap — also called a pot-filler — installed near the cooktop fills pots near where you heat them. Or you can install an extra-long hose attachment on your main faucet to fill pots on the cooktop.


  1. Be sharp when storing knives. Hang knives on a magnetic strip tacked to the backsplash. This makes it easy to spot the right knife for a job and keeps dangerous items out of children’s reach.


  1. Make recycling easy. Equip a cabinet with separate containers for glass, plastic, and metal. A spare drawer could hold old newspapers.


  1. Think short. Put kids’ favorite dishes and snack foods on shelves they can reach.


  1. Add a message center. Establish a message center near the kitchen telephone. Put a bulletin board, chalkboard, or whiteboard on the wall, and store a calendar, notebook, and writing utensils in a nearby drawer.
  2. Plug it in. Install multiple outlets along the backsplash and on the island so you’ll have electricity wherever you need it.


  1. Cut cleaning time. Careful design decisions make cleaning easier. Glass refrigerator shelves catch spills that wire shelves let through. Flush-set or undermount sinks don’t have a crumb-catching rim to worry about. Matte finishes don’t show dirt as much as glossy ones do.


  1. Break up cabinetry blocks. Avoid boring, heavy blocks of doors and drawers by adding interesting details such as glass doors and display shelving. Or try wine storage or windows.


  1. Use light colors in a small kitchen. Dark color schemes shrink an already small space and make it less inviting. Use soft shades on kitchen cabinets and natural light to visually expand a small room.


  1. Find a focal point. Splashy tile, fancy floors, sizable range hoods, bright kitchen cabinets, and busy countertop patterns give the eye too much to look at. Pick one focal point in your kitchen design and complement that area with a few other quieter, eye-catching details.

Tips to keep your tiles looking new

Sweep or vacuum your tile floors a couple of times a week. Sand and grit can dull and scratch the surface. Once you’ve removed the dirt, you’re ready to mop. Mix a mild detergent with hot water and apply with a rag or chamois mop instead of a sponge mop. If you use a cleaner, make sure it’s neutral – non-acidic and non-alkaline. Where soil is more concentrated, use a cleaner made specifically for ceramic tile. You should not use soap on tile. It leaves a film which dulls the surface and promotes mildew, You should not use an acid or ammonia-based cleaner, because it could affect the color of the grout. Acid-based cleaners will cause polished marble tiles to dull. You should not use bleach or vinegar and water – vinegar is an acid. You should not use steel wool pads or any abrasive on tile or stone. These materials can scratch or dull the surface. Any loose particles of steel left on the grout will cause rust stains. Tile, Grout and Stone require different types of maintenance.

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Creative Tile Ideas

For decades humans have been mixing and baking the combination of sand, clay and water to create a flat surface to protect their feet and homes from the elements and time has given us endless inspiration for incorporating tile into our interiors. Who says tile should be banished to the bathroom? Take it out of hiding and let different surfaces throughout your house become the focal point. Read on for some inspiration to create a masterpiece (or two) in your own home.

Wall Tile

Whether your style is modern, coastal, bohemian or traditional, there are thousands of tiles out there that will suit your aesthetic. It’s a great way to create visual interest when there is a lack of interesting architecture. Using interesting tile on the wall is a practical alternative to wallpaper, especially where wallpaper runs the risk of peeling because of the high levels of humidity, or if you’re looking for something that can stand up to scuffing.

Contrasting Tile

In the bathroom, you have the opportunity to tile the entire room. We love the idea of using a different kind of tile on the walls than you have on the floor. The contrast created from using an array of colors, styles and sizes will create a walk-in jewel box that will add a punch of excitement to your morning ritual. You also can use tile to create designated spaces within large rooms in the form of a tile “rug” within the floor design. Whether it’s a welcoming pattern in the foyer that leads your guests down the hall or the look of a rug in front of your tub, using carefully chosen tile that accents the rest of your flooring is a sophisticated move.

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