Dining room furniture

venna dining

Venna Dining room

A luxury solution for the living room, the collection Louis white and gold includes dining room and living room. Characterised by finishing white over gold, the imposing dining table and the coordinated chairs are realized with particularly elaborated artisan shapes. The attention to the details and the elegance of the style make this collection a unique experience.

Importance of Classy Dining

Dining tables are considered to be the centre of any home, as they have multifunctional purposes that must be taken into account: people eat here, they have private conversations at the table, birthdays are celebrated at the dining table, the family organizes board games here and so on.

Do I really need a dining table?

Dining table. Like a sofa, a dining table is typically considered a household essential — but it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t mind sitting on the floor, a coffee table may suffice. In fact, in some cultures, a simple low table is the norm.


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