We sell high quality Spanish Ceramic or Porcelain tiles which can be used for floor, wall and as decorative tiles in homes and offices. Every modern home needs tiles to add to their aesthetic values either in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathrooms. At Louis Valentino, our tiles are first choice, top grade with various types of design that will meet and even exceed your home needs.

• Vitrified Tiles    • Glazed and Unglazed Tiles    • Manufactured Stones    • Mosaic Tiles    • Natural Stones    • Wood Finished Tiles

Bathroom Fittings

Modern day homeowners are very concerned about the comfort of their bathroom and are therefore interested in sanitary wares that offer comfort in style and brand. At Louis Valentino, our sanitary products are designed to meet these needs at affordable and competitive prices. Our sanitary wares include:

• WC and Bidets    • Wash Hand Basins    • Faucets    • Bathtubs    • Shower Rooms and Steamers    • Shower Cubicle
• Massage Bathtubs    • Bathroom Cabinets    • Classic Bathtubs    • Urinary    • Vanity Tops


Aside from the conventional use of doors as part of building infrastructure, Nigerians are more than ever interested in the type of doors used in their respective homes for both quality and security reasons. To meet these growing needs of the market, Louis Valentino offers varieties of doors: wooden and security doors for our teeming clients at affordable and reasonable prices. Benefits include:

• Adequate security    • Sound insulation     • Can be easily cleaned    • Prices are affordable    • Elegant appearance


At Louis Valentino, we offer our customers high end contemporary furniture made of exceptional with unique and sophisticated design, captivating beauty and seamless finishes. Our range of furniture includes:

• Bed set with Wardrobe    • Dinning Set with Television Console.    • Sofas


Wall coverings have become a great alternative to paints for large and small room spaces. It is also used in offices and hotels corridors. To add a punch of personality to your walls where paint colours simply aren’t enough, you can rely on beautifully patterned wall coverings to do the trick. At Louis Valentino, our ranges of wallpaper products are top of the range in terms of quality.
We also have the flexibility of designs and colours, which we are confident, will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. All these are sold at very reasonable and competitive prices. The benefits of using wallpapers include:

1. Wallpapers enable you to add beauty to your home at very minimal cost
2. It is durable and can be easily cleaned
3. It is cost effective
4. It improves the ambience of your home.

Foods and Beverages – Manufacturing

Louis Valentino Food and Beverages is a major manufacturer of potato snacks and flavored drinks with the factory located at Arepo along Lagos -Ibadan Express way beside Punch Newspaper Head Office. The company was formed in October 2014 to continue the development, manufacturing and marketing of POPCY Potato Crisp and Flavored drinks. These products were formally manufactured and distributed by Harvee Investments Limited before Louis Valentino Nigeria Limited acquired the company.
Harvee Investment Limited has been in business of manufacturing POPCY products for over a decade with a strong distribution network that saw the products sold in different parts of the country. However, the owners of Harvee in 2014 decided to offer the company for sale.
After the successful takeover of the company, Louis Valentino commenced the upgrading of production facilities to increase capacity for quantity and quality of the product as well as storage.

Louis Valentino Foods and Beverages offer 3 main product lines:
• POPCY Potato Crisps – There are four different flavors of the potato crisp i.e.
1. Barbecue Flavor
2. Onion Favor
3. Cheese Flavor
4. Tangy Tomato Flavor
• POPCY Flavored Drinks- These comes in three different flavors of :
1. Black currant
2. Orange
3. Pineapple

• POPCY Potato Crisps – There are four different flavors of the potato crisp i.e.