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Welcome to Louis Valentino Online Auction, you are definitely in the right place. now the rules of this auction are very simple.

  • For every Item there is a start bid price, you cant bid lower.
  • Everytime a person bids, that is the new price. You can only bid higher.
  • For as long as the timer is on, bidding is allowed to continue.
  • Once the timer comes to an end the person with the highest bid wins
  • Once won, you would be required to make payment
  • If you don’t want to bid but want the product, that is fine, buy it off by clicking the “Buy Now” button. the product would be added to your cart and you would need to checkout by making payment.
  • If you experience any difficulty, kindly engage any of our agents by chatting with them using the chat on the site, or send a mail to customercare@louisvalentino.net, or you can call +234(0) 818 188 8892+234(0) 817 994 9835
  • Enjoy your auction.

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