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June 16, 2020

Louis Valentino

For a home that’s built solely to keep you clean, the furniture in the home does need some deliberate efforts in maintenance to prolong its durability.

Furniture, with its vintage charm adds a sense of allure to your home. Any wooden or fabric piece is a centre piece worthy of all attention. It is for this very reason that one must give its maintenance extra care and attention. But it’s extremely important to know what helps and what does not.

Here are a few valuable tips that could help you maintain your furniture better.

Dust it well

A sparkling piece of furniture makes for a sparkling home. And the right amount of dusting helps in doing so. Make sure you use a soft, dry cotton cloth to wipe any dust off. If you could clean your sofas, tables, etc. on a bi-monthly basis, then there’s nothing like it and also Louis Valentino furniture is often washable.

comfy sofa

Comfy sofa

Minimal exposure to sunlight

Be careful about exposing furniture to sunlight for prolonged time periods. It results in a phenomenon called ‘spotting’ where bright and dark spots appear across the cross section. On a wooden table, you could use tablecloth to effectively mitigate its effect.

Pure Oval with side board

Pure Oval with sideboard

Be mindful of temperature

Avoid using extremely hot and cold objects on wooden furniture for better maintenance. They tend to leave an impression that may distort the original texture of the surface. Make sure the exposure is limited to permissible time intervals and not for too long.

Let it age with grace

Furniture ages with time and you need to let it age gracefully. Just like wine, it may acquire new character in its twilight years. Some wood may lighten and some may darken with the passage of time. So when you’re buying any furniture the next time be very mindful of its ageing habits.

Written by Louis Valentino


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