Your building project and renovations are coming on nicely; all you need to do is to choose a tile design that would be as close to the extraordinary design you have in mind. Easy peasy right? But then again, you are flooded with a lot of options and suddenly you have no idea what you want anymore.  At this point, your perceived creativity is running out fast. Okay. You need to calm down at this point. It is a known fact that choosing tiles elements and placement while building or renovating a house can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have compiled this list that contains everything you need to know about choosing tiles, pricing of tiles in Nigeria and tips for choosing the right tile fit.

You need to keep several factors in mind such as the space of the room, the room theme and the style of available fixtures. Your style needs to work together with the other factors in the room.


Conveniently, there are a variety of tiles starting from the small 3’’8 slab tiles to 24”48 slab tiles and a host of other sizes in between. It is observable though that there is a recent shift from smaller tiles to emphasis on large tiles.

You need to know what effect you want to achieve. Do you want to exude warmth, space or serenity?  If you want a room to appear larger, you might want to consider using larger tiles as it gives the semblance of a larger space and makes it appear larger.


The colours of the tiles in a room can make or mar it. Have you ever entered a room and your first instinct was that it gave off a certain aura that is not quite right? It could most likely be the colours the room emits.  Colours have rules too! It is important to strike a balance between your personal taste and your colour choices. Hence, it is advisable to choose the colour of your tiles yourself before installation.


It might be slightly difficult to physically to tell which tile is superior in quality, especially with the influx of substandard materials in the market, it is always advisable to buy your tiles from reputable stores that are recognized with quality products, such as this.

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