Louis Valentino

Louis Valentino Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian corporation with a world-class commercial reputation. We are a trading company that
specializes in the retailing of one-of-a-kind building construction finishing and interior furnishing materials.

Exclusive Range of Products

Our range of products includes Sanitary Wares, Glass Products, Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles, Security and Panel Doors,
Stone Coated Roofing Sheets, Sofas, Bed Sets, Dining Sets and Wall Papers.

A Top Integrated Glass Firm

We now offer unrivalled glass processing capabilities and solutions through two Strategic Business Units: Architectural Glass and Consumer Glass.
We provide cutting-edge glass products that push the adaptability of glass to new heights.

One-Stop Furnishing & Finishing Shop

Louis Valentino products are designed with the dual goals of quality and
modern architectural finishing in mind. As a result, modern architectural,
interior designers and homeowners looking for long-lasting finishing
materials that meet the aesthetic objectives of their projects now have a
place to shop.


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Featured PRoductS

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